Stark, modern and fluid: South African Tanzanite Ring

Celebrating a special time and place

This project started with the stunning Tanzanite, bought by my client in South Africa, she had worked on the African continent for many years and was returning for a short trip.

There was a sentimental dimension to the project, as the stone served as a reminder for the time she had spent there.

I designed a piece that is stark, fluid and modernist, in 18ct white gold, in a minimalist flared form that showcases the stone to its best.

Strength, fragility and wearability

Tanzanites have such a mesmerizing deep blue/ violet colour – they are up there in the A-list of the prettiest precious stones, alongside rubies and emeralds. However, they are incredibly fragile, so the ring had to be designed with this in mind.

I generally choose to work with rubover settings (as opposed to claw settings for example) as they are the most secure, and they give the overall design a clean, modern aesthetic.

Here it was crucial to use this type of setting – the layer of white gold all around the stone protects it from day-today wear.

I was thrilled with this project, and found the result to be an ‘understated statement ring’. If there is such a thing!

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