Gold pendant with heirloom diamond & gemstones

A delicate and fluid pendant for every day

My client previously bought a silver triple pendant which she got much wear out of. She later approached me with an inherited diamond which had been unworn for nearly 25 years. She was keen to use it in a more contemporary setting to be enjoyed every day.

Clean lines, rich colour combinations, articulation and size graduation were all design features from her silver pendant which we kept – they formed the basis for this bespoke pendant design in gold.

We discussed size, gems and gold colour options and I suggested creating a ‘petite’ much reduced version of the graduated and articulated pendant in a rich 18ct yellow gold.

Shimmering sparkle in blues and greens

Choosing from a selection of blue and green gemstones, my client selected three stones that really brought out the best in her diamond. The finished piece features a large pale blue aquamarine at the top, then a green sapphire and a rich teal tourmaline below the diamond. The gems are set within hand-made settings, and the gold has a soft brushed finish.

The resulting gold pendant is beautifully fluid, thanks to diamond-set rivets between each gem. It was a resounding success with my client and I was really pleased with the finished piece: it’s always so exciting to develop existing designs in a new direction.

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