• Full Stack with Emerald Ring

  • Original Diamond Ring Stack

Emerald and Diamond Gold Ring Stack

A diamond heirloom, revisited

The client originally came to me with an inherited family ring which featured 3 beautiful diamonds. She was after a modern piece she could wear every day.

I created a simple ring stack; 3 matt gold bands with a diamond each, set in a modern rubover setting.

My client was after a subtle contrast of colour so we discussed the possibility of making each ring in a different colour gold: I used yellow, rose and green 18ct golds.

The diamond ring stack is at once delicate and strong;  As it is worn, the stones move around playfully so it always looks different.

A striking addition to the family

My client wore the diamond ring stack daily for a few years, and later came back to me, to find out if I could create an additional ring for the stack – featuring an emerald.

I was delighted and I searched for the perfect stone for her on my next buying trip to India.

To add to the playfulness of the set, I chose a pear-shape emerald, which I placed at an interesting angle, to contrast with the round diamonds.

It’s been such a pleasure and a privilege to be part of my client’s journey in this way and see the ring stack grow with her!

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