The Making Process :

Craftsmanship and Design Integrity

Contrasting compositions in gems and metal

My passion for making beautifully crafted jewellery stems from a love of colour and texture found in gems – With my pieces I aim to create contrasting compositions in gems and metal, to create unique modernist jewellery that will last a lifetime. I work closely with clients to create a piece of jewellery that reflects their personality.

Past projects have included: bespoke rings, family jewellery re-modelled, wedding and engagement rings, as well as rings commissioned for a special birthday. See more commissions or re-modelling projects.

Classic goldsmithing techniques, contemporary jewellery design

The pieces are individually made with great care in my London studio. I use classic goldsmithing techniques, working in a distinctly un-digital way: an approach which is increasingly rare in the jewellery business. I shape precious metal directly – using saws, hammers and files. I create each mount individually to fit the one-a-kind gems selected by my clients.

My aim is to create the most refined forms possible  and reflect a love for beautiful craftsmanship and design integrity.

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